Dookoom – “Larney Jou Poes”

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

There are issues burning in the realities of people that are being ignored by the gatekeepers of the public discussion. It is inevitable that this boils over into a discourse that is neither pandering to the “acceptable” platitudes of say broadcast media or public statements by politicians. And so, when this – and I see broad parrallels here with, say “Cop Killer” from back in 1991 – disrupts not only the impasse but also the language with which we engage the impasse… it’s going to create movement.

So much rage and outrage on the web in response to this one. So I’ll say word to our man Isaac Mutant and the rest of the gang for taking the fight to the face of the privelege here.

See City Press:

The song places the band’s politics as a reaction to the Cape’s history of slavery, colonialism and the “dop system” – when farm workers were paid in alcohol.

But there will no doubt be a furious reaction to the track and its accompanying album release next week.

Or perhaps from my old mate Adam Haupt:

The video does not end with the killing of the farmer, the rape of his wife or the farmhouse being burnt down – as per the right wing narrative on “white genocide”.

Instead, the defiant farm workers scorch the side of a hill with a message: “Dookoom” spelt back to front. The powerful mystical Cape figure of the doekoem is invoked to signify the workers’ revolt. It speaks back to videos like Bok van Blerk’s De La Rey, which erases black subjects from the South African War, and to Van Blerk’s racist depictions of black men in Tyd Om Te Trek?, which visualises a farm attack.


Whaddaya think, Norman?

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