I’ve considered once or twice, that when I get old, I will be faced with the prospect of possibly hiring a nurse. Nurses are people I greatly respect, because theirs is a job that most people I know wouldn’t choose. It’s one of those “calling” things… like becoming a an off-shore driller, a Halliburton employee or an Australian.

I’m not sure what inspired this band’s name, though it might be reasonable to see it as a play on the idea that their music is a remedy for your ills. I am most fortunate and blessed to have as a great freund one Mr Waldo Alexander – violinist in this band, and in my opinion, one of our finest exponents of the instrument in SA – and I know he holds a great affinity for this North of Johannesburg project.

As an aside,  the North/South thing in South Africa is a little similar to the one in the England. In fact, maybe we inherited that from England. Maybe not. But the rivalry extends to tourism, money and rugby, the latter of which often requires nurses post Weepee and Northern Transvaal games. So hooray for nurses, hooray for hiring them, and hooray for silly territorial posturing. Hooray.

Find them on Bandcamp here:

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