Josh Prinsloo/Soapmouth/Fruit Vendor – “Fruit Vendor”

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Whenever the CBD is invaded by “protesters”, it is the street traders and vendors that are pillaged and looted. It’s one of th egreat shames of working class protests here, that the working class’ own are usually the ones who suffer losses.

It was the death of a street vendor, some say, that sparked a social revolution in Tunisia. You can Google Mohammed Bouazizi for more on that. Suffice to say here that when social upheaval is on the cards, the ripples are usually felt first between the apples and the oranges. So, the name Fruit Vendor might easily have been a B choice for a band like Rage Against the Machine. If they were acoustic. And sang about juices.

From what I can make out, a chap named Josh Prinsloo has won an open competition to be added to the 6th Annual Cape Town Folk n Acoustic Festival. Josh  has some Soundcloud tracks under the name Soapmouth, but seems to have entered the competition under the name Fruit Vendor, which is also the name of this song.

So, assuming we have the right Josh, this is the young man who will be performing alongside this impressive lineup at the Baxter Theatre on Saturday 30 August. (Note that if it’s not the same Josh, I would appreciate you kindly disregarding the previous two paragraphs and instead just note that this Josh is from Stellenbosch, qualifying for this blog under the Ons lewe met ‘n helse klomp wyn in hierdie land, ja rule. :

Cape Town Folk n Acoustic Festival
30 August, Baxter Theatre

Vusi Mahlasela / Ard Matthews
Deep South / Errol Dyers
Reza Khota / Derek Gripper
Jesse Jordan / Mark Haze
Louise Day / Tatum
Farryl Purkiss / Digby and the Lullaby
Wayne Pauli / Nuka
Blacksmith / Dave Ferguson
James Grace / Saudiq Khan
Evelyn Hart / Carla Conradie
Jack Mantis / Touchwood
Miles Sievwright / Jeremy Douglas


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