Arno Carstens – “Little Evil” (feat. Mariechan)

Posted: August 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

According to one Vernon Grace, there was this guy back in the 1880s or thereabouts, who became quite wealthy and therefore quite well-to-do in society. Unfortunately, he felt that his wife had not acquired the appropriate levels of sophistication to go along with his new standing.

And so, doing the logical thing, he proceeded to drill holes into her skull (known as trepanning – those wacky 1800ers) over a period of time. Naturally, her intelligence improved, to the point where she began to study to become an apothecary. Upon which she designed a poison and killed him.

I dunno if the protagonists of this song got to that point, but when exes start talking about “evil”, you might wanna start thinking about hiding the drills and the hemlock.

“Little Evil” is the second single from the Nude Girl’s  5th solo album, Lightning Prevails (2014) available for purchase on iTunes.

A note for non-South Africans: Mariechan is not the Nude Girl.


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