Welcome to my little blog of SA music impressions. I guess this blog started life as a “section” or category of posts on my original blog. After a while it seemed logical to separate it from the other rantings and ravings, because it didn’t make sense to mix in all these interesting people with my personal views on society, politics, and so on.

This blog offers just some views on SA music both old and new. I spent many years as a music writer, and I must admit that after a while I grew tired of the big sell. I just wanted to bring some sense back to the idea of listening to music again, and to offer some context to music other than “This is new!” or “This is my favourite band!” It’s just music man, and if I find something to like about it, I can talk about it again, right here.

Hope something piques your interest… if you have any suggestions or reckon yourself to be someone with something interesting to say, drop me an email: press@antonmarshall.co.za


Whaddaya think, Norman?

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